Why do I need a wedding planner?
Weddings are fabulous, wonderful, emotional, and exciting celebrations of your new life together! However, planning a wedding is a ton of work, often between 200 – 250 hours! Wedding planners help bring the dream of your wedding to life, handling much of the legwork, keeping you on track and on budget. We handle every detail, so you can enjoy the experience of your engagement and wedding instead of stressing about it.

How do I know which wedding planner is right for me?
In the months leading up to your wedding, you’ll be spending a lot of time with your wedding planner. You’ll want to get along! So the right planner for you is the person or company you feel most comfortable with. At Sweetchic, our initial consultation is complimentary, so you can get a “feel” for us before you jump into anything.

Do you have a specialty?
While Sweetchic loves all types of weddings, we have a soft spot for multi-cultural weddings. It’s so much fun highlighting the personal history and culture of each individual while celebrating a new union. When you include important customs in the wedding, the entire event becomes deeply personal because there’s a sense of history.

Are you a legal business and are you a member of any trade associations?
Sweetchic Events, Inc. is incorporated in the state of Illinois. We are a member of the Association of Bridal Consultants, one of the most-respected organizations for wedding planners in the country.

Is there a fee for the initial meeting?
Never! This is our time to get acquainted and to decide if we are a good fit for each other!

Do you charge an hourly rate, flat fee or percentage of the budget?
Typically after our initial phone call, we will put together a customized package and quote with a flat rate based on the size and scope of your wedding. We like to review the package with you at our in-person consultation.

Will you provide vendor recommendations, even if I book your Wedding Day Management package? 
Absolutely! Some planners keep their Preferred Vendor list under lock and key unless you book their Full Service level package. But when you work with Sweetchic, every client automatically receives our Favorite Vendors list upon booking! These are vendors that we know, adore, and have worked with in the past, so we trust in their quality and service. It’s in everyone’s best interest to give ALL Sweetchic clients the opportunity to work with some of the best vendors in Chicago!

Can you come with me to vendor meetings?
We love vendor meetings and are happy to attend! (Probably because we love vendors) Even if meetings are not a part of your Sweetchic package, individual meetings can be added a la carte.

How involved are you in the wedding planning process?
We can be as involved as you need or want us to be! All actual decisions are made by you. We’re here to be your coach and advocate, and to make the whole process easier and more efficient for you and your fiancé. So please let us know how involved you want us to be involved in your wedding planning. 

What happens if for some unforeseeable reason, you are unable to be at my wedding?
Sweetchic has experienced Associate Coordinators who are trained in all things wedding, and would step in if absolutely necessary.

Do you run the ceremony rehearsal?
Yes, it is crucial that we attend and run the ceremony rehearsal in conjunction with your Officiant, so it is automatically included in every package. Unless your church has specific rules about their team running the rehearsal, then we respect those policies.

Do you work with an assistant on the wedding day?
Yes, for weddings of over 75 guests, there is always an assistant, and sometimes more than one depending on the size of the wedding.

What is my wedding day like when I work with Sweetchic Events?
Smooooth sailing! You’ll be able to truly relax, enjoy your day, and be the bride, without wondering if the limo is going to show up, if the ceremony is going to start on time, or if the escort cards and dessert table are set up perfectly. You, your fiancé and your parents will be able to take your rightful place as V.I.P.s.